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x7 versatile sizes that you can easily custom cut to your window size

Order the frame size that is slightly larger than the window you want to screen – you are able to easily cut the frame to fit (with a cutting blade or strong scissors – no tradesman tools required).

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DIY Midges Window Fly Screens

The Different Types of Mesh for Window Screens

A lot of homes are fitted with window screens in order to keep insects like mosquitoes and flies from entering your house, and to protect your family from the diseases which these insects can carry.

Often one does not pay too much attention to the particular screening which they have or which is on the screens which they intend to buy, perhaps assuming that all screening is pretty much the same.

But it is actually rather important to think about this since if your insect mesh is too large, then it can allow very small insects like midges (otherwise known as ‘no see-ums’, biting midges or the Ceratopogonidae insect)and  sand flies through.

On the other hand, if the mesh is too fine it tends to bend or tear more easily. Here is an overview of the types of screening available in order to let you make a more informed decision.

Standard fibreglass mesh

This type of mesh screening is both economical for manufacturing and relatively easy to install, so it is by far the most commonly used variety of mesh. It is available in both charcoal and silver grey colouring, and it is quite durable and normally does not unravel, dent, or crease up. It will serve to keep out just about everything except for the very tiniest of insects with a mesh size of 18 by 16 mm.

Midge screen, or “No-see-um” insect screening

This is another variety of mesh that is intended to keep out very small insects like gnats, midges, and sand flies that tend to populate low lying or marshy environments. There is also a heavier-duty type of this mesh available that is generally ideal for pool enclosures, but this variety is fairly expensive in comparison with other types of meshing. This mesh generally only comes is charcoal colouring and has a diameter of 20 by 20 mm.

If you are in the process of choosing the right insect screening for your windows and doors but want to get some professional advice before settling on your final decision, please feel free to contact us at Magnetic Insect Screens.

Having been in the industry for many years, we have the experience needed to assess your particular situation and provide you with some options based on your budget and preferences.

Please contact us today and get assistance from one of our friendly and helpful representatives.


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